February 1 NYSE is hosting our first DeepDive event on ShapeJS with Shapeways at Turn To Tech across from the Flatiron Building in Manhattan.

If you’re a JavaScript developer and want to learn all about creating 3D printable geometries this event is a first of its kind.

Tickets are $99 but you receive a $75 gift card to Shapeways.com upon registering so have some fun buying 3D printed items before the event.

RSVP here: https://shapejs.eventbrite.com/

PHP is a very versatile programming language that most engineers have used at one point or another.  It is known for getting the job done, and has well formed libraries to pull from.  

We are excited to have our first PHP focused event with a technical talk from Shapeways VP of Engineering on scaling up a project with PHP and be able to add more engineers with ease.



Josh Levine, VP of Engineering at Shapeways


Talk Title:  Code Patterns, Paradigms, and Governance

Talk Abstract:  How to ensure you can continue to add engineers to your PHP project.

About Josh:  Josh is creating the future of how things get made at Shapeways.  He faces many cool technical challenges and needs more team members to help Shapeways win.